Proper Trading Mindset when Investing via Trend Following

A proper mindset is needed in order to succeed. When you trade for decades you learn that any trade does not mean anything. You learn you make your money over a long series of trades. There is no get rich quick or retirement in a box. One needs to work on how they think. There […]

How to Become a Successful Stock Market Trader

Many are seeking how to become a successful stock market trader. There is a Holy Grail. Watch this youtube video. You will be shocked watching this video.

George Soros stated successful trading is boring. No need for 10 screens. No need for action.

There is a need for a trading plan

You need to […]

Certainty and Predictability when Trading & Trend Following

I had this question posed to me if it were possible to predict results. Flat out answer is NO!. All we are dealing in is uncertainty. Once we accept the uncertainty and that there is no way to avoid losses you are on your way to start improving your trading.

Watch this short video […]

How to Win in the Stock Market

In this short video I speak about Trading Psychology and the definition of discipline. Your belief system must be insync with your goals. You need discipline to stay focused during the realities of trading such as draw downs and long periods of illusive profits. You must be committed to your goal.

Watch this video […]

Mastering Fear By Mastering Discipline When Trading

Mastering Fear By Mastering Discipline When Trading Join us for a Webinar on August 8

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: Many traders deal with the emotional roller coaster of trading. They limit themselves by fear or greed. The key is to master discipline. Why do most people fail […]

Analysis of Stock Trading or The Keys of Successful & Consistent Stock Trading

Too many traders think that it is all about analysis.Then the reality sets in when they do not execute a trade they have planned. Is this you? Have you ever planned a trade and then not taken it? Most traders have done this. Myself included. The keys for successful trading is not solely on a […]

Too Much News will Make you Poor!

Pick your poison. You are searching for the answers and how to make money. Where are you searching? Is it newspapers, magazines, newsletters, blogs, RSS feeds, TV channels, news feeds, or interviews? The reality is after being bombarded with an overload of information you do not have a trading plan or know how to make […]

There is no Way to Predict a Trend When Trend Following

Prediction does not work. What does what is having a plan and “trying” to buy or sell markets when they trend. All you can really do is take small risk bets when markets “possibly” start to move. There is no certainty. Watch last nights video to learn more on how to become a successful investor.


The Real Holy Grail Of Trend Following

THE PROBLEM ‎90% of traders and investors are unsuccessful——–They do not understand how to achieve success.‎ Most believe if they could only find the right system (What they believe is The Holy Grail), they would find ‎success. However, as the system itself is NOT the Holy Grail, the ILLUSIVE search for it is a never […]

Roubini A Global Perfect Storm is coming

Are your prepared? Do you have a plan. Roubini has predicted a global perfect storm! Next year the world’s problems — from the sputtering recovery in the U.S. to monetary crisis in Europe to the slowdown in China — could overwhelm the economy, says NYU economist Nouriel Roubini

Look for my upcoming book- The […]