SP 500 Hitting New Monthly High -What will Trend Followers Do?

Would it be possible that with all the negative news that the SP 500 can take off again? Trend followers believe that anything can happen. I am as willing to go long as willing to go short. In order to be successful one should not listen to the news. Let the market tell you where […]

Traders Psychological Profile Test

Over the weekend Paul Farrell from Market Watch wrote an article regarding Trading Psychology. He observes that 95% of traders don’t make it. 80% of all day traders lose money. One study found active investors turn over their portfolios excessively (258% annually) but made less than 12% on their money. Passive buy-and-hold investors with only […]

Position Size & Trading Markets

Robust mechanical trading systems trade all markets and all time frames the same. The position size is always a percentage of the account size. There are those that do not trade with a plan and arbitrarily determine their position size based on their belief the trade will work. This is a sure way to lose […]

Strategies for Trading

There are numerous strategies for trading as well as different time frames. Personally I am a trend follower and believe there is no other strategy that offers liquidity, transparency and potential for profit as trend following. More so I believe in trading in a trend following approach with a mid to long term time frame. […]

The Psychology of Trading -Discipline

The psychology of trading is one of the key aspects if one wants to succeed in trading. The key point of the psychology of trading is discipline. As I have stressed repeatedly, most traders fail. More than 90% fail.

Most traders don’t have the discipline to stay focused on a single goal for five, ten, […]

Trading the Stock Market Utilizing Moving Averages

One of the basic tools I use is the 200 day moving average. The 200 day moving average indicator has been around for a great deal of time. Dick Fabian called it the 39 week rule. When you are above it, you can be in the stock market and when below you want to be […]

The Business and Investing in the Stock Market – Pieces of the Puzzle

If you do not have all the Pieces of the Puzzle in the business and investing in the stock market you will fail.

90% or more have never even considered these issues.

In order for successful investing in the stock market:

You need a good method You need money management skills You need a robust […]

Anything Can & Will Happen When Trading in the Live Market

Yesterday was an ugly reversal for those that bought into the news of the Spanish Non Bailout and the Stock Market’s Live Market. Sunday evening in the Live Market the Globex was up 17 points, Dow up 144 at one point or about 1.5%. The stock market and the Eurodollar both collapsed in the last […]

The Spanish Tarp Even Though it is not a Bailout According to Spain

Everyone loves a bailout, something for nothing as in the case of Spain. Ireland wants to enter into discussion to revamp their bailout. The stock market futures and Euro are zooming. All clear? No more threat of European implosion?

I have a simple question.

Who is going to be the lender of last resort?


Some Trend Followers Score Big in May 2012

With the uncertainty in the markets and the issues in Europe some trend followers scored big in May of 2012. I have listed a short review of some Trend followers who have had a great run in 2012. I strongly suggest this would not be a time to invest with these commodity trading advisers. The […]