Financial Markets Today- What is Happening in the News?

The financial markets today are up one day and crashing the next. The news is rampant with Greece and Spain. Confidence is declining in Europe today and yesterday the financial markets were on a tear. How does one even attempt to invest in the financial markets today with such volatility? Investing in the financial markets […]

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Index of Stock Market- Greek Stock Market Down 91%

How would you feel if the index of your stock market is down 91%. Probably not the greatest. Actually most people will never believe it can happen to them. I am sure most Greek investors in the Greek stock market 3 years ago would ever believe their market would be down 91% today.

How many […]

The Basis of Successful Trend Following

Analyzing is relatively one of the easier attributes of successful trend following. However this is the one of the areas in which most traders who strive to become consistent trend followers actually fail. They think once they have learned to analyze a particular market, they are on the road to success. Learning about indicators and […]

Do You Really Expect to be Right When Trend Following?

It would be nice to be right and make money, but this is not reality when trend following. My thoughts before I put any trade on are….how much is this going to cost me to see if the trade will work.

I have had an interesting conversation with a potential student. They felt that […]

Trader Training – Markets Do Not Always Go Up!

Our generation is somewhat spoiled. From the 1980s the Stock market shot up. I remember vividly traders and investors were turned off with 20-30% returns. We had 3 years in a row the stock market went up more than 20% in the 1990s. Now we are coming off a period from March 2009 the Stock […]

Best Stocks 5 22 12

The stock markets have continued to sell off. Yesterday we saw a big relief rally and have crossed again in positive territory above the 200 EXMA. None of the positions were purchased. Extreme caution should be regarded due to the divergences mentioned earlier.

Below are the Best Stocks based on our proprietary ranking methods as […]

S & P 500 Oversold?

The S & P 500 has given up virtually all of its gains for the year. May has been a rough month down 7.9 percent. Interestingly enough the S & P 500 has fallen 11 of the 13 trading days during the month. A bounce as of yesterday would be expected.Markets do not go straight […]

News on Finance- JPMorgan Funds & Lack of Risk Management

The news in finance this week was speaking largely regarding JPMorgan funds. What is ironic is the lack of risk management of JPMorgan Funds. JP Morgan based their risk management on a theory of value at risk. Wiki details value at risk or VAR as a widely used risk measure of the risk of loss […]

How to Invest in the Stock Market From a Trend Following Perspective

It is never really all that easy and many ask, How to invest in the Stock Market. I prefer the question How to invest in the Stock Market from a trend followers perspective with a plan. I use simple and robust trading plans that give me the potential to protect capital and benefit & compound […]