Succeeding in the Commodities Markets like David Harding From Winton Capital Management

David Harding, Winton Capital founder, chairman & head of research has more that succeeded in the commodities markets. David Harding started his firm in 1997 with slightly less than $2 million dollars. Today Winton Capital is managing in excess of $20 Billion dollars in the commodities markets. Winton Capital to some degree is a trend […]

Deciding on Which Stocks to Trade

Deciding on Which Stocks to Trade

One of the biggest reasons for success or failure when stock trading is stock selection. ‎Deciding on which stocks to trade makes all the difference. Too many try to catch ‎falling knives by buying fallen angels is all too common of an approach for stocks to ‎trade. In reality […]

Losing Trades are all the Part of Successful Investing in Stocks

Some of the most successful people in the world are those that failed. They dusted themselves off and tried again. This is all the part of successful investing in stocks. No one knows the future. No one is right all the time. You do not have to know the future or be right all the […]

Successful Investing in Stocks is Not about a Winning Percentage

Many times I hear the word winning percentages when investing in the stock market. Successful investing in the stock market is not about a winning percentage of trades. Successful investment in stocks is more reliant on the process or outcome. What I mean by the process I mean the plan. In order for successful investment […]

How to Become a Trader

How to Become a Trader

If you are serious about becoming a successful trader, then you hopefully believe that you are capable of obtaining a return on your money that exceeds the riskless yield of treasury bills. Actually because of the time and effort it entails, you probably expect two or three times the […]

AAPL Shares Crash or Correction

No one knows the future of any share or any market. There has been a great deal of talk regarding AAPL shares. Are AAPL shares in a correction or has AAPL shares had a parabolic move and the party is over? Without trading with a plan all one can do is guess. Do you remember […]

Financial Risk Management

Financial risk management is one area that many traders do not come to terms with. Many stock traders don’t want to really take a risk. Many stock traders and commodity traders want a little excitement or they think they can analyze the markets. Trading the markets are not the place for excitement rather to be […]

Rules for Trading Success

Too many think the rules for trading success are dependent on trading indicators. The real rules for trading success boil down to having a well thought out robust trading plan, risk management and a proper mindset. Do not waste your time looking for the perfect entry or the magic entry indicator (It does not exist). […]

Why Stock Systems Win Overtime

You can try to understand all the fundamental reasons why this stock or that stock went up or down. However if you want money in stocks there is really only one way in my opinion. Stock Systems! Stock Systems means you have a plan. Having a plan or Stock Systems plan is:

1. Which stock […]

How Trend Following Really Works

How Trend Following Really Works

‎ How to Trend Trade I have discussed how using a trend following trading system enables you to avoid the trading ‎mistakes which lead to large losses. I want to discuss one of the most positive aspects of long-‎term mechanical trend following trading systems:‎ ‎ They force you to […]