Stocks to Watch 4.30.12

Current open positions 2012-04-30 Position Quantity Market Unit Entry Stop Entry Date Exchange Profit Bars Roll Info

Long 263 GNC 1 37.97 34.17 2012-04-25 Unknown 40.99 3 794 Long 106 TDG 1 123.07 117.83 2012-04-25 Unknown 127.14 4 431 Long 146 RGR 1 53.65 49.58 2012-04-24 Unknown 55.14 1 218 Long 273 ROST 1 60.14 […]

Stocks to Watch 4.27.2012

Position Quantity Market Unit Entry Stop Entry Date Exchange Close Profit Total Profit Bars Roll Info

Long GNC 1 40.61 38.10 2012-04-26 Unknown 40.09 -1 -116 0 Long TDG 1 124.94 119.36 2012-04-26 Unknown 125.41 0 51 0 Long VRSK 1 48.35 46.94 2012-04-26 Unknown 49.23 1 323 0 Long RGR 1 54.83 50.65 2012-04-26 […]

How to Make Money in the Stock Market

We all want to make money in the stock market. The question is how do we make money in the stock maket? Is it buy hold? In my opinion definitely not. My opinion of how to make money in the stock market is to trade with the trend and have a plan. How many stock […]

What is Automated Trading- Mark Sleeman Knows

I brought up the name of Mark Sleeman in regard to automated trading to give you an example of a man who became an automated trader and gave up on his career. If Mark Sleeman can do this, so can you. You just have to have the desire, the plan, dedication, discipline and patience. With […]

Stocks and investment Buy Hold

Buy Hold?

You must ride out the bear markets? Do you listen to all the traditional advice? You should buy Index funds? Warren Buffet used Buy Hold, Why don’t you? ( At points BRKA fell 50%+)

Does Buy Hold control risk?


Does Buy Hold control volatility?


Investing in stocks should not be […]

Turtle Commodities Trader

The Turtle Commodities Trader had several questions before they started their commodities trading.

1. What is the state of the market? 2. What is the volatility of the market? 3. What is the equity being traded? 4. What is the system or the trading orientation? 5. What is the risk aversion of the trader or […]


More Trading Tips


I consistently focus on the fact that successful stock and commodity traders have different beliefs than losing traders. Here are some things winning stock traders and commodity traders believe:

• They believe they really can do it. • You must apply yourself and great […]

Buy Hold Stock Market Investing

Buy Hold has been the proverbial strategy for stock market investing since the 1980s.

However look at Buy Hold on the Japanese Stock Market

Not that you would have made any money with Buy Hold you would have lost your investment. Anything can happen which people do not believe. A Trend following system compared […]

Not The Right Way to Invest in the Stock Market

Everyone has their way to invest in the stock market. However there exists one of the worst ways of investing in the stock market. The worst way to invest in the stock market is not to have a plan and be rewarded. Last night I was invited along with my wife to an evening cruise […]

Best Stock To Buy 4.26.12

Below are some examples in my opinion that fit my trading plan’s criteria Best Stock to Buy. These best stock to buy are momentum based and breakout based. They are shown solely for educational purposes. Go and look at the charts of these best stocks to buy.


Unit Entry Stop Entry Date […]