Why Do I Teach Trend Following

I have had the question posed to me, why do I teach trend following over and over again? I have written my blog since 2008 which includes numerous articles to educate those looking to learn trend following. My Blog was even before I even thought to teach.

I tweet, write on Facebook and share invaluable advice almost daily. This advice has been a culmination of over 18 years of extreme hard work and expensive trading lessons. I have taught teenagers how to trade as well as soldiers who have just finished their service. This has been my way to give back. I had been helped and decided to help others.

On the other hand I have been inundated with many people pretty much from all over the world looking to pick my brain.I never once minded helping people out.However, I have costs and my time is valuable. I post a great deal of free stuff to read & to learn from. However, many still find themselves lacking a trading plan or the success they are seeking, then clearly the free stuff is not enough.

You have 2 choices; you can do what I did and work for 18 years trying to learn to develop a consistent money making strategy or you can read my material, having me available to help you and skip the almost 2 decades of a learning curve that I did.

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