Stock Picks for Short Sale Stocks 4.30.12

These shares have bounced from 52 week lows. Relative strength is weak. Trend Retracement parameters are used

SWN Short Sale stock $29.66 Risk to $30.16

NEM Short Sale stock $47.51 Risk to $49.07

GNTX Short Sale stock $21.92 Risk to $22.67

BBG Short Sale stock $22.52 Risk to $23.87

EA Short Sale stock $15.15 Risk […]

Best Way To Invest? Trade Everything

Is there really a best way to invest. The best way to invest is to make oneself available for any opportunity or trend. I am a trend follower. I never know what will trend. All I do know is that markets do trend. I know that stocks do trend. Some times these markets move much […]

Why Do I Teach Trend Following

I have had the question posed to me, why do I teach trend following over and over again? I have written my blog since 2008 which includes numerous articles to educate those looking to learn trend following. My Blog was even before I even thought to teach.

I tweet, write on Facebook and share […]

No Predictions for Trend Following

No predictions for Trend Following: Trends exist everywhere. You will find trends in currencies, stocks and commodities. However no one ever rings a bell when a trend starts or stops. Markets trend up and down. The reality however is that no one can predict a market trend ( even all the speakers on CNBC & […]

Trend Following Takes Advantage of Mass Psychology

Trend Following takes advantage of mass psychology. Trend followers understand human nature.The impulses of fear, greed and ego are the norm with most traders. Trend following takes advantage of these impulses as well as the common herd mentality. For most traders it is much easier to go with the crowd than be different.Too many people […]

Perception is a Result not a Cause When Trend Following

How one sees the world is how the world is to them. This is the same when trading and trend following. Perceptions and beliefs of traders influence their trading results. The most successful trend followers I have ever met never trade their perceptions or their opinions.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. […]

What is Automated Trading?

The question is asked quite often, What is automated trading? Automated trading is using computer algorithms or computer models to develop the entry and exit points for a trading system. An automated trading program can take the emotion out of the equation and force discipline. One needs to test their automated trading program and truly […]

Stock Investments & Trend Following

Virtually everyone has some type of stock investments. Many have 401k plans and really do not have an investment strategy. Trend following should be one of your investment strategies for your stock investments. Stock investments need an exact plan. No emotion, no news rather a plan to know what to buy and when to sell. […]

How to Trade in Stocks- Trend Following

There is only one way for me as far as how to trade in stocks. This is trend following. You really need to be an optimist when learning how to trade in stocks. No one teaches you the real way or how to trade in stocks in University. Too many have been brain washed into […]

Best Stock Trade- Trend Following

The best stock trade are those in which one trend follows. Opinions do not mean anything in the markets and are not the way to make money over time. When one tries to trade with opinions, the stock trader can not be consistent. Being consistent is one of the foundations of being successful over time. […]