Richard Donchian Father of Trend Following Basic Rules For Trading Success

If you are looking to succeed in trend following and be able to trade for a living, Follow these rules:

1. Do not pay attention to widespread public opinion. Even if correct, it will usually delay the move.

2. From a period of dullness and inactivity, watch for and prepare to follow a move in […]

The reality of successful trend trading

The reality of successful trading comes down to several basic tenants ‎and the realization that you have to work hard.‎

‎1.‎ Robust Trading Plan applicable to all time frames & markets ‎2.‎ Complete Risk & Money Management ‎3.‎ The patience and discipline to follow the trading plan & follow the ‎risk & money management guidelines.‎


Why I am Teaching Trend Following

I am teaching Trend Following to give back. Besides my website I have a book coming out soon with Wiley books that really encompasses all aspects of trading is my ‎way of helping new and aspiring traders. There is way too much hype ‎by people who are not even traders out there which is detrimental […]

Bear Markets Learn How to Short Stocks

You can make both ways when you trend follow. You want to be long in a bull market and short in a bear market. There are tools and trading tips I teach you in order to know where you are located at any time. With the algorithmic trading methods you will have an exact plan […]

Do you understand your risk when Trading?

How much risk per trade? You must decide this important issue. Trend follower & professional traders risk .05% to 5% of capital per trade. The 5% I think is an accident waiting to happen. You must fit this figure to your system. Do you understand your risk? Do you Systems trade? Is my system discretionary […]

Losers Average Losers- Not for Trend Followers

This statement Losers Average Losers Is not for successful Trend Followers.

This is a famous note on the computer of Paul Tudor Jones.

He is not alone,Jesse Livermore warned 100 years ago against averaging losses.

You can not avoid losses. The only thing you “Try” to do is to mitigate them. You have […]

Define your own Trend Following success

Define your own Trend Following success, you must answer the questions:

Who am I? Why do I trade? How do I prepare? What are my beliefs about myself? About trading? Am I ready to handle the pressures of trading?

Trend Following Bank of America Stock -Trading Tip

On the below video you can learn how to trend follow bank of America Stock. Trend following $BAC is the tip of the day. In you will learn automated trading strategies that are simple and robust.You can learn to be a trend follower. The systematic trading you will learn is applicable to all stocks, […]

Investing with Gurus & Legends – Not the Way To Trend Trade

When I first started my journey with Trend Following I had a big learning curve. I wanted to know who was making money and being the 10 percent that were successful trend trading. One of my first conferences I went to featured Victor Niederhoffer as a ‎guest speaker. Niederhoffer was extremely successful and even ‎managed […]

Why Trader Make Mistakes When Algorithmic trading

I believe most traders really make mistakes due to either their fear or ‎greed when algorithmic trading. There is this illusion or lure of supposed “Easiness or Easy ‎money” out there. Why waste any time planning or working. I have ‎heard that “I can buy a Forex robot and grind out the profits”. I ‎chuckle […]