The Bible of Trend Following

How I trade Palo Alto Stock $PANW Trend Following

In general I want to trade the strongest stocks when the market is deemed healthy via my trading algorithms in Metastock. Alot of this is common sense as per Peter Lynch. There have been data breaches in many companies. Palo Alto offers a solution to protect against this….
Watch this short video solely for educational purposes on how I traded Palo Alto from a trend following perspective.

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Avoiding the Next Bear Market Metastock Trading Presentation with Andrew Abraham

I welcome you to watch this metastock trading presentation regarding when to be in the stock market. I offer a free book The Bible of Compounding Money as well as the trading algorithms I use when investing in the stock market.

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Trading Stocks using the 50 Day Exponential Moving Average- Trend following

Trend following is just that…follow the trend. If you are long one of the strongest suggestions I can make is trade long when above at least the 50 day exponential moving average. Watch this short video in order to enhance your trend following skills…

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How to Handle Winning Stocks Like Alibaba and Lannent $BABA $LCI Trend Following

Trading High growth stocks is really not that easy, especially when you have a stock that takes off. When stocks increase more than 20% in less than 3 weeks you might be onto a very big winner, but it is not easy. Watch this video and learn that you must have an exact trading plan. If you need help with your personal trading plan, let me know…Trend following is one approach to assist you in your trading goal.

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Can You Avoid the Next Bear Market? Metastock Webinar with Andrew Abraham

There are people who say you can not time the market. There are some that say just buy and hold. In this free webinar with Metastock Andrew Abraham will show you tools that will keep you on the right side of the stock market.


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The Holy Grail of Trading & Trend Following – Taking Losses quickly $QQQ $LNKD

The Holy grail of trend following and trading is taking losses quickly. I know people who kept on buying Worldcom and Enron. Buying lower lows is the surest way to go bankrupt. Watch this video to learn how to take your losses quickly…

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Great Web site on Trend Following!!!

I received this compliment…

I’ve just recently started looking at your blog and your postings are most helpful indeed. What I found outstanding in your approach to trend following is the “trader psychology” advice that is so important here and now. Thank you you Sir.


I am very glad I can help those in their pursuit of trend following..

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How to Scale into High Growth Stocks $LNKD

Prudence can assist you when you get involved in high growth stocks such as Linkedin.

Watch this video on high growth stocks and see what can happen…

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Death Cross -Shorting Selling PriceLine $PCLN

Short selling is a tough way to trade. There is greater volatility on the short side of trading. You only want to short at the beginning of a Bear Market. In this short video you will learn about the death cross and ways to attempt to go short.
Use this video to increase your education regarding trading.

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Could we be in for a Bull Trap $QLD $BABA $GPRO $LNKD $PANW

In this video I discuss the possibility of a bull trap in the making. What it seems is that many of the leading stocks are having false breakouts. These stocks such as $BABA $GPRO $LNKD breakout and then turn tail…

Let me know your thoughts if you agree we might be in a Bull Trap!


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