The Bible of Trend Following

How Much Longer will the Bull Market Roar?

This is an old bull market statistically….however anything can and will happen… Do you have a complete trading plan?


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Will Historical Statistics Make the Stock Market in 2015 Another Winning Year?

history stock

What do you think?

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Finally a Stock Market Correction $QLD $QQQ $SPY

Not being a bear nor a bull…will we finally have a stock market correction after 5 years+? Seems every time we start down we bounce or V bottom. Yesterday was rather ugly however. The Nasdaq had a decline of 1.24% while the SPY fell .85%. The major averages all closed at their intraday lows in a real sign of weakness. Volume was higher across the board, showing that large players were unloading stock. We have surpassed my threshold of distribution days of 4. This is not a time to be bottom fishing. The sidelines are more ideal.

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2007 Stock Market Again? $QLD $QQQ

For all of you that believe that the music will not stop, the last couple days might be a wake up call. This is an old bull market which is one of the longest and one of the most profitable. Do not forget not to keep your guard on. That is why you need a complete trading plan.

The stock market got hit very hard today. The market opened lower and stayed down the entire day. All the major averages took hits but the QQQ led the way lower with a decline of 1.73% while the SPY declined by 1.64%. Leading stocks got slammed. This is surprising as the prior day was a nice reversal. Not building on this reversal is not comforting. Add in the fact we have 3 distribution days….Lets see if we will get more???

For those that follow the Hindenburg Omen, they got ANOTHER signal today. Combined with the one yesterday we have now had seven signals in the last eight trading sessions.

In short order

Can this market bounce back like all the other recent times when weakness was encountered? Anyone’s guess and that is why you need a trading plan. No knows how bad it really can get ….when it gets bad. Who would have thought that in 2008 we would be so shaken….

Have a trading plan. Know what to buy…when to buy…when to exit with a loss or profit…

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Trend Following Success and Failures

Detailed examination of trend following success and failures will reveal trading strategies and styles

Analyzing success are much more fun…however they do not help you become a better trader

Analyzing failures are the most rewarding and valuable…
Study all of your trades…

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Trend Following Positive Results…

I thought to share this email. When one is committed to trading. Anything is possible. It is hard work and persistence….Read below….I am very impressed from him!!!!
It is so nice to hear this as most people actually lose money in trading. Trading and trend following is not easy and is full of challenges…

Dear Andrew

I hope you and your family are well. It has been a long time since we touched base. I have been incredibly busy to say the least, but at least I would say busy in a good way.

I consider you one of my earliest mentors through your work that I have reviewed extensively. I will say that I have traveled some distance since that first introduction and continue to conduct rigorous research into the marriage between math/science and market mechanics. 2014 has been a very revealing year for me. I have realized a net ROI of approximately 80% in my retail futures account with a max drawdown of approximately 27%. I do not take this startup success for granted. My research has revealed that different market environments flatter different approaches. September – December has been interesting with the infusion of volatility into the markets benefiting my strategic and tactical approaches. I am also expanding on my arsenal of computer programming abilities as that is the language of mathematics in our day and age and essential for my further development as a market speculator.

In 12 to 18 months I look forward to starting my own quant fund. I am enjoying this journey so much that I think this will likely become one of my life long endeavors.
I wish you all the best and thank you for your immense contribution to my development as a trader.
I look forward to speaking with you further when I am at a certain stage of my development as a money manager and perhaps meeting you in person one day as well.



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Top Leading Stocks Trend Following High Growth Stocks

Nxp Semiconductors N V NXPI
Alibaba Group Hldg Ads BABA
Facebook Inc Cl A FB
Avago Technologies Ltd AVGO
Old Dominion Fght Line ODFL
Baidu Inc Ads BIDU
Cyberark Software Ltd CYBR
Amgen Inc AMGN
Mylan Inc MYL
Linkedin Corp Class A LNKD
Paycom Software Inc PAYC
Hanesbrands Inc HBI
Magna Intl Inc MGA
Sierra Wireless Inc SWIR

The above stocks are on my watch list. I try to buy the strongest stocks in the strongest sectors when the market is deemed healthy by my trading indicators. This is strictly educational- not a buy list.

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Importance of Using Trailing Stops When Trend Following $BABA $QLD

In order to succeed when trading and trend following one truly needs to believe that anything can happen. Do not fall in love with your favorite stocks. Do not let them make a round trip. Use trailing stops and lock in profits while you can. Watch this example with BABA.

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The Best Way to Learn Stock Trading- Learn from Past Monster Stocks $AAPL $KORS $NFLX

I always go back and look at my past trades in order to learn. Another great way to learn to improve your stock trading is to look at past monster stocks and see how you would have traded them.

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How Many Stocks Should I Follow When Trend Following

First of all everyone has an opinion however I am of the school less is more. I look to follow the strongest stocks both technically and fundamentally when the market is healthy. I have a short manageable watch list built into metastock.

Learn more…

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